Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She's Still Rockin' That Thang!

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne

Kate Gosselin will be appearing on Larry King Live tonight at 9pm ET to discuss her "private pain made public...the end of marriage to Jon and life as a single mom!"

I only watched a couple episodes of this Jon and Kate Plus 8 prior to the scandal and what I observed was a guy who was tired of being talk down to by this 80s-b-girl-hair-rockin-heffah (Kate doesn't have any REAL friends...http://thechickfix.blogspot.com/2009/08/take-seat.html).

All marriages are put to the test at some point (so I hear), but you add the reality star factor, the new wealth, a grip of kids (who all look like their Daddy), and infidelity...and you have a DIVORCE just waiting to happen.

Look at Nas and Kelis...all it took was a rumored sex tape and claims of infidelity to ruin a 51/2 year marriage. The Gosselins were married 10 years...that's golden anniversary status these days.

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