Monday, August 24, 2009


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxane Anyway you slice it...this MUST STOP!!! According to Sandrarose, this picture of Frankie aka Keyshia Cole's momma was taken last week at a club in Atlanta. I really enjoyed the first season of "Keyisha Cole: The Way It Is" because it was unscripted and Keyisha really allowed the viewers to take a glimpse into her life. The second season delved deeper into Keyisha' relationship with her mother and her sister Neffe and the series should have ended then. The third season was a trainwreck chiefly due to Frankie acting like she was back "on dem thangs" in every episode. All that to say, at least twice a month I come across a picture of Frankie looking similar to the picture's not funny anymore! Keyisha do us a favor and come GET YOUR MOMMA!!!

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