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Editor’s note: Here at The Chick Fix, J.O.S.E.IN’ (Jealous Ones Still Envy—Fat Joe ©) is our term for hating…get familiar!
According to, supermodel/WILL-GO-UPSIDE-A-B*TCH'S HEAD-WITH-A-BLACKBERRY-AND-THINK-NOTHING-OF-IT-CAUSE I DO DIS SON, Naomi Campbell , has accused the advertising business of using the recession as an excuse to drop black models.
The 39-year-old supermodel, who is a close friend of Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife, claims that major companies are refusing to use non-white women to promote their products.
"This year, we have gone back all the way that we had advanced," she says. "I don't see any black woman, or of any other race, in big advertising campaigns."
Campbell, who was born in London to a mother of Caribbean descent, refers to the publication last year of a special edition of Italian Vogue dedicated to non-white models.
"That made some noise, but, unfortunately, we are the same as before," she says. "People, in the panic of the recession, don't dare to put a girl of color in their campaign, full stop. Nor of any other race. It's a shame. It's very sad."
The model, who is a friend of Nelson Mandela, has won support from Bruce Oldfield, the designer of the wedding dress worn by Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Tory leader.
"It's absolutely true that black models will be not as popular for advertising companies and magazine covers as white girls," the designer tells Mandrake. "In a recession, it's probably doubly difficult for black girls to get a booking."
In 1988, Campbell appeared on the cover of French Vogue as its first black cover girl after Yves St Laurent, her late friend and mentor, threatened to withdraw all of his advertising from the magazine following its refusal to place Campbell, or any black model, on its. She also became the first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue.
Earlier this year, she described the fashion industry as "racist". In a magazine interview, she was quoted as saying "You know, the American president may be black, but, as a black woman, I am still an exception in this business. I always have to work harder to be treated equally."
I commend Naomi for speaking out on this issue because her name will hopefully lend credence to the claim that the modeling industry is practicing racism. I mean because if Naomi Campbell, a supermodel (scratch that…THE SUPERMODEL...aint no other model seeing her), is experiencing this issue, you know lesser known black models have it 10x worse.
Naomi may be known to slap a b*tch silly every once in a while and have Tyra acting all b*tch-made (crying and carrying on…dag Tyra, she said she don’t remember having you shook back in yall modeling days…why you KEEP PROVOKING HER TO LAY HANDS ON YOU…CAUSE YOU KNOW SHE WILL), but its nice to see that Naomi can use her powers for good sometimes!

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