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Actress, Tamera Mowry of Sister Sister fame (and the early 90s R&B group Voices *singing* "the boy makes me say yeah, yeah, yeah..." lol....don't front that was the song!) and Hosea Chancez, best known for playing Malik Wright on the CW's well received but cancelled series The Game, were spotted exiting L.A.'s hot spot eatery Katsuya the other night holding hands.
The couple shared a smooch while exiting the restaurant with Mowry's twin sister, Tia Mowry Hardrict (another member of, who also co-starred on The Game with Chancez, as Melanie Barnett aka *Tasha Mack voice* Med School.
These two make a cute couple and we here at the The Chick Fix give them our seal of approval!
In related news, rumor has it BET is planning on purchasing The Game from CW's parent company CBS and viewers may see new episodes of The Game on BET in the near future. BET currently airs re-runs of The Game on the Network.
This is GREAT NEWS!!! I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE The Game and was upset to learn that the show was cancelled in May of this year. The CW has been on my sh*t list since they disrespected Girlfriends by cancelling their show without so much as a series finale after an unprecedented 8 seasons on the air (no other show with an entirely African-American cast with the exception of The Cosby Show was on the air for that long).
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