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Editor’s note: Here at The Chick Fix, J.O.S.E.IN’ (Jealous Ones Still Envy—Fat Joe ©) is our term for hating…get familiar!
Last week, 4 songs produced by Timbaland, reportedly on Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint 3 album leaked-- “Off That” featuring Drake, “Reminder”, “Venus and Mars”, and “Ghetto Techno.”
If you remember last year, during the beginning stages of Jay-Z crafting Blueprint 3, producer Timbaland jumped the gun when he told MTV that Jay-Z wanted him to produce the entire album. "We wanna go to the world. The world is 'Big Pimpin'.' 'Big Pimpin' is an international hit, so we wanna do 10 of those. He wants me to do the whole thing this time around." YOU AINT GOT’S TO LIE CRAIG!
Weeks following Timbaland comment to MTV, during an interview with Rolling Stone at the Pemberton Festival in British Columbia, Jay-Z politely shot down Timbaland’s claim that he would be producing Blueprint 3 in its entirety.
“You know I love Timbaland, he is like a brother to me, but until the music is done it’s premature,” Jay said. “I’m a person that works off music. If Timbaland makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album, if Kanye West makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album; if he makes three, I’ll take three. I let the music dictate the direction.” That code for: NEGRO PLEASE!
On Friday, August 28, in an interview with Hip-Hop Wired, The Roc rapper, Memphis Bleek, addressed the Jay-Z’s leaked tracks issue, “[m]an you know where that's coming from. That's Timbo's camp. Somebody is playin' dirty. It's cool though. I like to see the people's opinions.”

The rumblings are that Timbaland is josein’ because Kanye is getting the recognition for producing the majority of Blueprint 3. Timbaland supposedly leaked the 4 songs because Jay-Z decided not to put the majority of them on the album(cause them sh*ts is DO (as do-do…)Smart move Jay)and Timbo wanted to get his shine on.
Damn Timbaland you hatin’ like a city cop…if the rumors are true…that was MOS DEF a b*tch move on your part. GROW UP THICKUMS!
In related news, Jay-Z will be taking the stage (not sure what stage) this morning in New York City along with Governor David Patterson and other city officials to unveil details surrounding Jay-Z’s upcoming 9/11 one-night only tribute concert.
Jay-Z will discuss the "Answer The Call" charity concert benefiting New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund on Friday, September 11, 2009 at New York City's legendary Madison Square Garden.

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