Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug...

Posted by Roxxanne Roxxanne Most addictions are not only hazardous to your health but also your wallet. Just ask Scott Storch. Storch was once a prominent and wealthy producer accredited for hits like "You Got Me", Roots feat. Erykah Badu and Eve; "Cry Me A River", Timberlake; "Let Me Blow Ya Mind", Eve Feat. Gwen Stefani; "Family Portrait", Pink; "Baby Boy", Beyonce and the list goes on. In 2007, Forbes ranked Storch as one of the highest paid people that year, bringing in an estimated $17 million. However, Storch recently admitted in an interview with MTV that he spent $30 million in less than 6 months during that time in part because of his cocaine addiction. Fast forward to last Friday, when Sun Trust Bank took ownership of Storch's Miami beachfront home due to his default dating back to last July. The Bank bought back the home for $5.5 million in Friday's auction. You couple that with Storch's arrest last year for grand theft auto for failing to return a Bentley he leased in 2006 and add his legal troubles stemming from falling behind on his child support payments and property taxes...the lesson learned Chicks and Dicks is...................................... STAY OFF DEM THANGS!!!....it's not only hazardous to your health and wallet BUT when it all falls down you'll end up having to sign Brooke Hogan to your label...LOL!

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