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Yesterday, August 25, 2009, Chris Brown was formally sentence in a Los Angeles courtroom to 6 months of community labor, stemming from a Feb. 8 domestic violence incident involving Brown and his then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna.
Brown's community labor will be supervised by the chief of police in Richmond, Virginia. Brown will be performing graffiti removal, cleaning and maintaining grounds, and washing cars. His "labor hours will be flexible to accommodate his career," according to DA spokesperson Sandi Gibbons.
Brown was also sentence to 5 years probation, a year of domestic violence classes, and ordered to pay fines. During Brown's sentencing, he was also ordered not to have any contact or communication with Robin "Rihanna" Fenty for 5 years, which includes phone and email contact. Yeah that's going to happen. However, if both artist are attending the same event, then Brown must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna.
L.A. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg warned Brown, "I'm not immune to any chit chatter on the airwaves. Do you understand, Mr. Brown, that any violation of this order is a violation of your probation and it comes with the possible penalty of prison?" Brown responded, "Yes."
Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra, when asked about his thought concerning Brown's sentencing, responded, "there were no surprises today, the decision was up to the Court, not Rihanna." I bet it was... Etra added that Rihanna does have the option of asking the Court to soften the stay away order down the line.
Wow the Judge is not playing with Chris and Rihanna...."I'm not immune to any chit chatter on the airwaves", i.e., I heard you lil motherphuckers have been creeping around and sh*t, ignoring my stay away orders like I wrote them just for sh*ts and giggles...WELL LET ME PUT IT IN A WAY YOU LITTLE HIPPI-HOOPERS WILL UNDERSTAND: I'm not on your pr with me if you want to and both you lil bastards will be locked up under the jail...YA DIG!
In related news, is reporting that Chris and Rihanna had a history of violence in their relationship. Ya don't say....I think everyone knew that.... Just three months before the Feb. 8 incident, Rihanna reportedly slapped Chris in a heated argument while the two were in Europe. In turn, Chris shoved Rihanna into a wall. A second fight occurred in Virginia three weeks prior to the Feb. 8 incident when the two were arguing inside a rented Range Rover and Chris broke the front and passenger windows of the vehicle.
The Feb. 8 incident was reportedly sparked when Rihanna saw a text message on Chris' phone and became enraged. The two began arguing and at some point, Chris stop the Lamborghini the two were riding in and tried to forcefully remove Rihanna from the vehicle.
These two knuckleheads better keep their creeping on the Merv Griffin downlow if they know what's good for them.

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