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Whitney’s new album is in stores TODAY!!!
Everyone better go out and support it…or Bobby will show up to your house (twisted lips and all) and serenade you with the chorus to the cult classic “Thug Lovin.”

I’m going to hit you Chicks and Dicks with a “Scared Straight” video below of what may happen to you if you don’t go out and buy Whitney’s album.

As Tasha Mack would say..."NOW GET!!!"


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Editor’s note: Here at The Chick Fix, J.O.S.E.IN’ (Jealous Ones Still Envy—Fat Joe ©) is our term for hating…get familiar!
According to, supermodel/WILL-GO-UPSIDE-A-B*TCH'S HEAD-WITH-A-BLACKBERRY-AND-THINK-NOTHING-OF-IT-CAUSE I DO DIS SON, Naomi Campbell , has accused the advertising business of using the recession as an excuse to drop black models.
The 39-year-old supermodel, who is a close friend of Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife, claims that major companies are refusing to use non-white women to promote their products.
"This year, we have gone back all the way that we had advanced," she says. "I don't see any black woman, or of any other race, in big advertising campaigns."
Campbell, who was born in London to a mother of Caribbean descent, refers to the publication last year of a special edition of Italian Vogue dedicated to non-white models.
"That made some noise, but, unfortunately, we are the same as before," she says. "People, in the panic of the recession, don't dare to put a girl of color in their campaign, full stop. Nor of any other race. It's a shame. It's very sad."
The model, who is a friend of Nelson Mandela, has won support from Bruce Oldfield, the designer of the wedding dress worn by Samantha Cameron, the wife of the Tory leader.
"It's absolutely true that black models will be not as popular for advertising companies and magazine covers as white girls," the designer tells Mandrake. "In a recession, it's probably doubly difficult for black girls to get a booking."
In 1988, Campbell appeared on the cover of French Vogue as its first black cover girl after Yves St Laurent, her late friend and mentor, threatened to withdraw all of his advertising from the magazine following its refusal to place Campbell, or any black model, on its. She also became the first black model to appear on the cover of British Vogue.
Earlier this year, she described the fashion industry as "racist". In a magazine interview, she was quoted as saying "You know, the American president may be black, but, as a black woman, I am still an exception in this business. I always have to work harder to be treated equally."
I commend Naomi for speaking out on this issue because her name will hopefully lend credence to the claim that the modeling industry is practicing racism. I mean because if Naomi Campbell, a supermodel (scratch that…THE SUPERMODEL...aint no other model seeing her), is experiencing this issue, you know lesser known black models have it 10x worse.
Naomi may be known to slap a b*tch silly every once in a while and have Tyra acting all b*tch-made (crying and carrying on…dag Tyra, she said she don’t remember having you shook back in yall modeling days…why you KEEP PROVOKING HER TO LAY HANDS ON YOU…CAUSE YOU KNOW SHE WILL), but its nice to see that Naomi can use her powers for good sometimes!


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Kelly Osbourne was snapped running errands in Beverly Hills, California last week.
It was recently announced that Osbourne will be one of the new contestants joining Dancing With The Stars for its ninth season.
Kelly looks CHICKTASTIC!


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According to the Associated Press, Jenna Bush Hager, will be a special correspondent to NBC's Today Show, says the program's executive producer, Jim Bell.
"It wasn't something I'd always dreamed to do," said Hager, 27, a two-time author (of what…getting’ blazed? (c) Jody of "Baby Body" fame) and teacher in Baltimore. "But I think one of the most important things in life is to be open-minded and to be open-minded for change."
While keeping her day job in Baltimore, Hager, who was approached by Bell about the TV job, will be contributing stories once a month to the top-rated network morning show. Among the topics she may cover, according to the AP, is education.
Jenna is expected to make her debut on the Today Show this September.
The Bushes really live by Puffy’s Bad Boy model…”I thought I told you that we won’t stop… I thought I told you that we won’t stop”…phucking up this country!


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Editor’s note: Here at The Chick Fix, J.O.S.E.IN’ (Jealous Ones Still Envy—Fat Joe ©) is our term for hating…get familiar!
Last week, 4 songs produced by Timbaland, reportedly on Jay-Z’s upcoming Blueprint 3 album leaked-- “Off That” featuring Drake, “Reminder”, “Venus and Mars”, and “Ghetto Techno.”
If you remember last year, during the beginning stages of Jay-Z crafting Blueprint 3, producer Timbaland jumped the gun when he told MTV that Jay-Z wanted him to produce the entire album. "We wanna go to the world. The world is 'Big Pimpin'.' 'Big Pimpin' is an international hit, so we wanna do 10 of those. He wants me to do the whole thing this time around." YOU AINT GOT’S TO LIE CRAIG!
Weeks following Timbaland comment to MTV, during an interview with Rolling Stone at the Pemberton Festival in British Columbia, Jay-Z politely shot down Timbaland’s claim that he would be producing Blueprint 3 in its entirety.
“You know I love Timbaland, he is like a brother to me, but until the music is done it’s premature,” Jay said. “I’m a person that works off music. If Timbaland makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album, if Kanye West makes 10 great tracks then he produces the album; if he makes three, I’ll take three. I let the music dictate the direction.” That code for: NEGRO PLEASE!
On Friday, August 28, in an interview with Hip-Hop Wired, The Roc rapper, Memphis Bleek, addressed the Jay-Z’s leaked tracks issue, “[m]an you know where that's coming from. That's Timbo's camp. Somebody is playin' dirty. It's cool though. I like to see the people's opinions.”

The rumblings are that Timbaland is josein’ because Kanye is getting the recognition for producing the majority of Blueprint 3. Timbaland supposedly leaked the 4 songs because Jay-Z decided not to put the majority of them on the album(cause them sh*ts is DO (as do-do…)Smart move Jay)and Timbo wanted to get his shine on.
Damn Timbaland you hatin’ like a city cop…if the rumors are true…that was MOS DEF a b*tch move on your part. GROW UP THICKUMS!
In related news, Jay-Z will be taking the stage (not sure what stage) this morning in New York City along with Governor David Patterson and other city officials to unveil details surrounding Jay-Z’s upcoming 9/11 one-night only tribute concert.
Jay-Z will discuss the "Answer The Call" charity concert benefiting New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund on Friday, September 11, 2009 at New York City's legendary Madison Square Garden.


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Kim Kardashian is sporting a BOLD new fashion forward look on the latest cover of YRB Magazine. The shoot was shot by photographer Mike Ruiz and styled by Darius Baptist.
I’m personally loving her look in the YRB spread. Don’t hurt’em boo!!!
Pictures courtesy of Just Jared


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Amber Rose hosted Tao’s Beach party at The Venetian Hotel and Casino Resort on Saturday, August 29, in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to, boyfriend Kanye West flew in to surprise her.
In June 2009, Rose reportedly signed a contract with the renowned Ford Modeling Agency.
I mean talk about being on the come up. You go from Philly stripper, to video chick, to Kanye’s girl, to Ford Model-- in the span of a year (two tops)…the last Philly stripper to move up that fast was E-V-E (where you at girl?).
ADVICE: Kids DON’T try this at home kids…this route may work for few but NOT all…GET YOUR EDUCATION!
PS Why is Amber Rose jockin' baby Amber Roses' fresh...why won't you let her be GREAT...SHEESH!!!
Pictures courtesy of Just Jared


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On Friday, August 28, Rihanna was spotted exiting New York’s Minskoff Theatre after watching the musical, “The Lion King.” Rihanna was accompanied by her two brothers (Rihanna pictured here with her brother Rajad) Rajad and Rorrey.
Rihanna’s expression in the last photo is said to be in reaction to a photographer informing her that DJ AM was found dead that same day.
Pictures courtesy of Just Jared


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne As we reported on Saturday, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, 36, was found dead in his New York City apartment. According to People,
After the NYPD broke down the door to DJ AM’s SoHo apartment, a police source, says they found Goldstein’s lifeless body in bed, wearing sweatpants and a crack pipe nearby. They also discovered a half bag of crack cocaine, along with a crack pipe, and prescription drugs.
On Saturday, the New York City Medical Examiners office announced that after an initial autopsy proved "inconclusive," more tests, including a toxicology report that might require weeks, would be performed.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Today is Michael Jackson's 51st birthday...and you know what that means...we hear at the The Chick Fix are going to party like we just got our reparations checks from the US Government!!! *singing* party time...oh it's party time...we havin' a partyyyy!!! Thank you Michael for leaving behind an incredible musical legacy!


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Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, 36, was found dead in his New York City apartment, yesterday.
According to, Det. Brian Sessa, at 5:20 p.m. on Friday New York Police Department officers entered an apartment on Lafayette Street in response to a 911 call about a man who hadn't been seen for two days. Inside, they found the body of a white male in his 30s. Another police source confirmed to People that the dead man was DJ AM.
The cause of death has not been released by the medical examiner, although N.Y.P.D. Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said there was no apparent evidence of foul play. A police source said prescription drugs were found in the apartment. Goldstein's publicist released a statement Friday confirming the news of his death. "The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear. Out of respect for his family and loved ones, please respect their privacy at this time." DJ AM was a former member of the hip-hop/rock band Crazy Town, best known for their 2001 hit “Butterfly.” The song soared to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The go-to DJ to the stars, could be caught spinning at some of Hollywood’s hottest parties for celebrities such as: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson, Ben Stiller, and Jennifer Lopez. DJ AM scratched on albums for Papa Roach, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others; played concerts with Jay-Z; and repeatedly collaborated and toured with Travis Barker of Blink-182.
While DJ AM’s early life was littered with substance abuse and obesity issues, his later years was marked with sobriety and great success. At age 12 DJ AM began using drugs and by 24 he was smoking crack cocaine. He told a magazine in 2005, "[d]rugs became my identity…I would deejay until 2 a.m., go get drugs and stay up until 10 in the morning doing drugs alone in my apartment." During his early 20s, his weight reached 300 lbs.
A critical turning point in his life came in 1997, when Goldstein considered suicide. After a night of doing drugs, DJ AM 24 at the time, at a mirror and "could not move away from staring at myself," he said. He put a gun in his mouth and, sobbing, said, "God, please help me."
"I pulled the trigger, and it jammed…and I remember sitting there thinking, '[y]ou know, I can’t even kill myself.' “A friend, who had managed to kick drugs, stopped to check in on him.”He said, '[d]ude, you're coming with me. Let's go." And I just listened for once, and I went and I did everything he told me to do. That was 11 years ago." After DJ AM’s 30th birthday, he lost 155 lbs. by undergoing gastric bypass surgery.
At the time of his death, DJ AM was still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), after surviving a fatal plane crash in South Carolina last September with Travis Barker, where four others died including the captain. "There's no reason why I lived and they didn't," DJ AM said last month at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, referring to the others who died in the crash. "It's something that I struggle with every day, you know, kind of wondering. But I’ve just realized I'm never really going to know. I'm alive, and I'm here, and I have another chance. So I have to do something better with my life this time." A week before his death, DJ AM and longtime girlfriend, American Apparel model, Hayley Wood broke up. On August 21, Life & Style magazine reported that Goldstein's friends took him out for dinner earlier that week in Los Angeles "because he was depressed." In the past, DJ AM also dated actress/singer Mandy Moore and was engaged to designer/reality star Nicole Ritchie.
This summer has seen such a tremendous amount of loss in the celebrity world. We hear at The Chick Fix would like to send our condolences to DJ AM’s family and friends. He is gone but will NEVER be forgotten.
Tomorrow is NOT promised to any chick or dick, so if you have a friend that you think might be hurting, reach out to them and let them know you are there for them…before it’s too late!

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CORRECTION: It has become aware to us, that the woman pictured above with rapper Juelz Santanna may not be his girlfriend who allegedly called the New Jersey police on him regarding a domestic dispute.

Earlier this week, the rapper known as Juelz Santana (but his momma named him LaRon James...momma, LaRon though?) was arrested by Teaneck, New Jersey police at his home when his "wife" phoned 911 alleging that Juelz threatened to kill her.

According to police responding to the call, Juelz's "wife" did not need medical assistance but she told police that Juelz's threats were made in front of a child (I didn't know lil' dirty-funky aka Jim Jones was there).

Juelz was released on $5,000 bond, and was charged with making terrorist threats against his "wife." Juelz took to his twitter page to cop pleas aka "apologize."

He wrote, "A! I would like to truly apologize to my fans especially females that have heard or read anything bout me that may have disturbed you. A! Believe None of What you Hear, and Half of what you see [and] Always ask yourself, Where do people get their information from? Smh."

I got a couple of issues/questions I need answered.

1. When did Juelz, I mean LaRon get married?

3. Are you really going to do your Dipset ad-libs ("A!") LaRon while you tweet an apology to your tweeps?

4. Don't you hate when the facts stated are just that...THE FACTS STATED... and then a celebrity (I'm using the term loosely) tries to act like it something completely differently by explaining his side of the situation using hood colloquialism like "believe none of what you hear and half of what you see." NEGRO PLEASE...PHUCCKOUTTA HERE...JUST ADMIT YOU THREATENED YOUR TIG-O-BITTY WIFEY THAT YOU WAS GOING TO ROCK HER TO SLEEP...PERMANENTLY!!!

5. Oh, and last but not least....seriously LaRon, if this rapping thing doesn't work out for might want to consider going back to school...say the first learn when to use and when not use caps...I'm just saying!
2. Or did the allege victim tell police she was his "wifey" (e.g. hood speak for a) baby momma; b) a chick I have been with for a minute and she had my commissary money on smash when I was in; or c) both a) and b)) and they thought she said wife.


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Last month rumors surfaced that Chris Brown would be sitting down for his very first interview since the scandal with "Larry King Live" and now the rumor is confirmed.
According to, Brown tapped an interview with "Larry King Live" last night. The interview was said to be a no-holds bar style interview, where King was unrestricted in his questioning of Brown.
Brown was said to have answered every question King posed.
I'll reserve my comments until after I watch the interview, which is set to air on Sept 2, 2009 at 9 ET.
But we here at The Chick Fix reserve the right to clown you before the interview airs Chris, if you are spotted around town doing some bamma sh*t...i'll holla!


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Rocker Gwen Stefani and her adorable 3-year-old son, Kingston were seen heading over to the
The Grove in L.A. to support dad, Gavin Rossdale during a live performance for Donate Life Concert Series.
Baby Kang * pronounced the way T.I. says King* is really growing up fast. Gwen's face reads...I'm about to put your heavy-a$$ down... you phucking up my hip!


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Chris March, the third runner-up in the fourth season of Project Runway is suing Beyonce, designer Thierry Mugler, and the "I AM" tour creative designer (who dat?).
March alleges that the parties listed above have failed to pay him for his services in helping create the stage costumes as head of costumes design for Beyonce's "I AM" tour.
Ummm Ummm...I'm not even a Beyonce stan like my partner Flashdance...and I'm giving dude the side eye (Freshlina (c))... I love how people will attach a celebrity's name to a lawsuit to garner publicity for their suit, when said celebrity has minimal to no involvement in the cause of action...March is definitely on his J.E. Wentworth sh*t!


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FeFe Dobson, the Canadian born rocker is back with a new album entitled "Joy," which she will be releasing independently. FeFe was previously signed to Def Jam from 2003 until 2006, when she amicably parted ways with the label.
FeFe recently did an interview with, and when asked what her thoughts were about people saying Rihanna bit her style, FeFe quipped, "I mean, for sure I question that, but who wouldn't. She is supposedly a fan of mine. I try to take it as a compliment. IT GETS A LITTLE MUCH WHEN SHE STARTS GETTING THE SAME TATTOOS AS ME..." That's code for: that b*tch is jockin' my fresh like a dammmmmn it's a new day!
I would DEFINITELY have to agree with FeFe. The similarities between her style at the time that she was signed to Def Jam (2003) and Rihanna's current style (who later signed with the label in 2005) is BEYOND a coincidence. Click the link to see for yourself
When FeFe first busted on to the music scene with her rocker-chick-sound-who-just-happened to-be-black, her music was refreshing to say the least because it showed consumers that "black music" did NOT just consists of R&B, Gospel, and Hip Hop...ROCK ON FEFE!!!
Interestingly enough, FeFe co-wrote and provided background vocals for the song "Start All Over," for Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus album.
FeFe currently has a new single and video out entitled "I Want You (I'm digging it). You can read the rest of FeFe's Honey interview here

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Why Are You In Front Of My Eyes?

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Question Chicks and Dicks: Do you ever find yourself browsing the net only to be blindsided with pics of some off-brain lame (aka Z-lister) who thinks he/she is a celebrity just cause? Well I know I have, and I'm SICK of this sh*t! I just want to yell....Why The Phuck Are You In Front of My Eyes. Note to Kevin Federline, you are not a celebrity just because you have two kids by Britney matter how many middle-age thickums asks to take a picture of your belly!!!

Linda Hogan Is On Her J.G. Wentworth Sh*t: It's My Money And I Need It Now!!!

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Linda Bollea is suing Terry Bollea, Hulk Hogan, just weeks after reaching an amicable undisclosed marital settlement after a bitter and drawn out divorce. Linda filed a motion this past Tuesday in Pinellas, Florida to enforce an undisclosed divorce settlement the parties agreed on. In her suit, she states that Hulk has failed to release her Harley Davidson motorcycle into her position and to pay her $225,000 due on August 7, 2009 in violation of the settlement agreement. In her motion, Linda also asks the court to order Hulk to pay her attorney's fees and transportation expenses incurred in filing her motion or to have him incarcerated. Lindaboo why you trying to put Hulk in the system? It's bad enough your family already has one convict in the family...why you wanna...wanna play those games....why you wanna ppppllllaaaayyyy? Reportedly, the settlement agreement also entitles Linda to possession of the former couples' vehicles: a Rolls Royce, Corvette, Cadillac Escalade, and Mercedes Benz. In response to Linda's motion, a rep for Hulk stated, the Hulk is "absolutely complying with the terms of the marital settlement agreement." The rep added, "Linda will receive everything she is entitled to under the agreement as soon as it is available to give to her." Lindaboo ain't tryin' to hear all that jazz...she needs Hulk to run her her money ASAP, so she can get right for the fall season...ya dig! Sidebar: Why are they both currently dating people that look like younger versions of the former spouses?


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Letoya's sophmore album, "Lady Love", is in stores NOW!!! Please go pick up at least one copy and support ole' girl. Her first album, titled "Letoya" went platinum and I personally cranked (aka rocked out) "Torn" and "She Don't" incessantly.

In related news, this fall Letoya is set to star in her first feature film, "Preacher's Kid." Rounding out the cast is actors Clifton Powell, Gregory Allen Williams, Essence Atkins, Ella Joyce, and R&B singer, Tank.

Phuckouttahere: Limbaugh and O'Reilly Respond to Jay-Z

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In a new Jay-Z song titled "Off That", Jay has some choice words for Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh.
Jay rhymes, "this ain't black versus white my n***a we off that, please tell Bill O'Reilly to fall back. Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls. It's 2010 not 1864."
Well both men (and I use the word as loosely at it comes) have responded in their own lame-a$$ way.
Bill O'Reilly snidely replied by calling Jay-Z, "regular Otis Redding."
Rush Limbaugh commented, "I guess it means, I've made it. I'm in a rap tune by the famous Jay-Z...I didn't know I was on anybody's balls either, but I'm happy to know that they think I am though..."
Come on Bill, is that the best you can do? PLEASE TAKE A SEAT! And Rush, you were doing so much snorting in the audio, I wouldn't be surprise if you were back on dem thangs (I know Frankie appears to be...) or at least inhaling a footlong sub while broadcasting ...PHUCKOUTTAHERE!
BTW: Did Rush call Jay-Z Mr. Z? I can't and I won't...*sing* I'm not doing this today!


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Today, actor, Eddie Cibrian, 36, filed for divorce from his estranged wife of 8 years, Brandi Glanville. Rumors started circulating that Cibrian and singer/actress, Leanne Rimes, 26 were having a personal relationship (or just plain relations...yall seen her husband...tell me he's not sweeter than cotton candy), after the two were videotaped kissing while having an intimate dinner earlier this past March. The two met while filming Northern Lights for the Lifetime Network. Rimes is still legally married to former back-up dancer and songwriter, Dean Sheremet. Neither party has filed a divorce petition. However, the couple is reportedly separated. Cibrian and Rimes were spotted heading to a golf course last week and reportedly attended a Kings of Leon concert this past weekend.Glanville commented, "they're going on vacation this weekend to Mexico. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos." Girl you so crazy! Umm Umm...word of advice Leann: the same way you got him, is the same way you'll lose him!


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Actress, Tamera Mowry of Sister Sister fame (and the early 90s R&B group Voices *singing* "the boy makes me say yeah, yeah, yeah..." lol....don't front that was the song!) and Hosea Chancez, best known for playing Malik Wright on the CW's well received but cancelled series The Game, were spotted exiting L.A.'s hot spot eatery Katsuya the other night holding hands.
The couple shared a smooch while exiting the restaurant with Mowry's twin sister, Tia Mowry Hardrict (another member of, who also co-starred on The Game with Chancez, as Melanie Barnett aka *Tasha Mack voice* Med School.
These two make a cute couple and we here at the The Chick Fix give them our seal of approval!
In related news, rumor has it BET is planning on purchasing The Game from CW's parent company CBS and viewers may see new episodes of The Game on BET in the near future. BET currently airs re-runs of The Game on the Network.
This is GREAT NEWS!!! I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE The Game and was upset to learn that the show was cancelled in May of this year. The CW has been on my sh*t list since they disrespected Girlfriends by cancelling their show without so much as a series finale after an unprecedented 8 seasons on the air (no other show with an entirely African-American cast with the exception of The Cosby Show was on the air for that long).
Pictures courtesy of


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Yesterday, August 25, 2009, Chris Brown was formally sentence in a Los Angeles courtroom to 6 months of community labor, stemming from a Feb. 8 domestic violence incident involving Brown and his then girlfriend, pop star Rihanna.
Brown's community labor will be supervised by the chief of police in Richmond, Virginia. Brown will be performing graffiti removal, cleaning and maintaining grounds, and washing cars. His "labor hours will be flexible to accommodate his career," according to DA spokesperson Sandi Gibbons.
Brown was also sentence to 5 years probation, a year of domestic violence classes, and ordered to pay fines. During Brown's sentencing, he was also ordered not to have any contact or communication with Robin "Rihanna" Fenty for 5 years, which includes phone and email contact. Yeah that's going to happen. However, if both artist are attending the same event, then Brown must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna.
L.A. Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg warned Brown, "I'm not immune to any chit chatter on the airwaves. Do you understand, Mr. Brown, that any violation of this order is a violation of your probation and it comes with the possible penalty of prison?" Brown responded, "Yes."
Rihanna's attorney, Donald Etra, when asked about his thought concerning Brown's sentencing, responded, "there were no surprises today, the decision was up to the Court, not Rihanna." I bet it was... Etra added that Rihanna does have the option of asking the Court to soften the stay away order down the line.
Wow the Judge is not playing with Chris and Rihanna...."I'm not immune to any chit chatter on the airwaves", i.e., I heard you lil motherphuckers have been creeping around and sh*t, ignoring my stay away orders like I wrote them just for sh*ts and giggles...WELL LET ME PUT IT IN A WAY YOU LITTLE HIPPI-HOOPERS WILL UNDERSTAND: I'm not on your pr with me if you want to and both you lil bastards will be locked up under the jail...YA DIG!
In related news, is reporting that Chris and Rihanna had a history of violence in their relationship. Ya don't say....I think everyone knew that.... Just three months before the Feb. 8 incident, Rihanna reportedly slapped Chris in a heated argument while the two were in Europe. In turn, Chris shoved Rihanna into a wall. A second fight occurred in Virginia three weeks prior to the Feb. 8 incident when the two were arguing inside a rented Range Rover and Chris broke the front and passenger windows of the vehicle.
The Feb. 8 incident was reportedly sparked when Rihanna saw a text message on Chris' phone and became enraged. The two began arguing and at some point, Chris stop the Lamborghini the two were riding in and tried to forcefully remove Rihanna from the vehicle.
These two knuckleheads better keep their creeping on the Merv Griffin downlow if they know what's good for them.


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Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy died on Tuesday, August 25, 2009, at his Hyannis Port home in Massachusetts.
His family said in a statement, "We've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration his faith, optimism, and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever..."
Kennedy was the youngest of nine siblings, which included President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert "Bobby" Kennedy, who were both assassinated in the 1960s.
Senator Kennedy's death comes just two weeks after his eldest sister's death, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics. She died on August 11, 2009 at the age of 88. Kennedy was the last surviving son of the Kennedy clan. Jean Kennedy Smith, 81, is now the sole surviving member of her nine siblings.
In May 2008, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor just days after he suffered a seizure. Then this past January, Kennedy was removed from a post-Inauguration luncheon and briefly hospitalized after suffering another seizure.
Sources say that just days after the death of the Senator's sister, he was so sick that he could not even travel to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom being presented by President Obama, sending his children to accept the honor on his behalf instead.
Kennedy was an early supporter of President Obama's bid for the White House and he campaigned vigorously for the President during the campaign season, especially in his home state of Massachusetts.
Kennedy is survived by his second wife, Victoria, and his three children: Kara, Edward Kennedy Jr., and Patrick, who is a member of the House of Representatives.
Our prayers and hearts go out to Senator Kennedy's family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Concert Tribute

Posted by Roxxanne Roxxanne A Michael Jackson concert tribute will be taking place on September 26, 2009 in Vienna, Austria. Over 100,000 people are expected to attend. Sources say that Katherine Jackson and Jermaine Jackson have asked Michael's former manager, Ron Weisner to produce the Vienna concert. No word yet on the artists scheduled to perform at the concert.

We Miss You: The 8th Anniversary of Aaliyah's Death

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne I can't believe 8 years has passed since Aaliyah's death. I remember where I was the day I heard she had passed. It was Friday, August 25, 2001, and I was packing to get ready to return to college for my last year. I just couldn't believe it and sometimes I still forget she is no longer with us. Aaliyah was such a great talent...she danced effortlessly and her voice was soft yet strong and alluring. The thing that stuck out to me most about her was how genuine she seemed. It didn't matter if she was being interviewed, shooting a music video, or appearing at an award show, she always gave me the impression that she was just being herself. You could tell Aaliyah was very comfortable in her own skin and it showed especially when she performed. She had a special quality about her that very few celebrities have today. With Aaliyah, fans adored her because she had that girl next door appeal. You felt like you knew her, but she left you wanting to know more. Since Aaliyah passed in 2001, no other artist has been able to capture that... je na sais quoi (that certain something) she possessed...and I doubt any artist will for a long time... Below is a link to one of my favorite Aaliyah videos...the scene in the rain...http://http// Rest In Peace Aaliyah!

She's Still Rockin' That Thang!

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Kate Gosselin will be appearing on Larry King Live tonight at 9pm ET to discuss her "private pain made public...the end of marriage to Jon and life as a single mom!"

I only watched a couple episodes of this Jon and Kate Plus 8 prior to the scandal and what I observed was a guy who was tired of being talk down to by this 80s-b-girl-hair-rockin-heffah (Kate doesn't have any REAL friends...

All marriages are put to the test at some point (so I hear), but you add the reality star factor, the new wealth, a grip of kids (who all look like their Daddy), and infidelity...and you have a DIVORCE just waiting to happen.

Look at Nas and Kelis...all it took was a rumored sex tape and claims of infidelity to ruin a 51/2 year marriage. The Gosselins were married 10 years...that's golden anniversary status these days.

Chick Pics: Rihanna

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxane Rihanna was snapped arriving for a meeting at the Bowery Hotel in New York City yesterday. Then she made her way over to an East Village recording studio to lay down some tracks for her highly anticipated album. Yesterday I made an entry titled "Take A Seat," . The Chicks I mentioned in that entry need to take a cue from Chris' baby boo. You didn't see pics of Rihanna at random photo shoots or hear about any pr stunts attached to her name until after she came out with hot songs accompanied by even hotter videos. Once consumers started checking for her...she hit you with the flyness (fierce clothes; followed by random photo ops where she's mean-muggin; a$$ whoppin mugshots; pierce tatas and nekkid pics, etc...) AFTER... AND NOT A MOMENT BEFORE...she put out material we ACTUALLY wanted to buy...take notes Chicks!

Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug...

Posted by Roxxanne Roxxanne Most addictions are not only hazardous to your health but also your wallet. Just ask Scott Storch. Storch was once a prominent and wealthy producer accredited for hits like "You Got Me", Roots feat. Erykah Badu and Eve; "Cry Me A River", Timberlake; "Let Me Blow Ya Mind", Eve Feat. Gwen Stefani; "Family Portrait", Pink; "Baby Boy", Beyonce and the list goes on. In 2007, Forbes ranked Storch as one of the highest paid people that year, bringing in an estimated $17 million. However, Storch recently admitted in an interview with MTV that he spent $30 million in less than 6 months during that time in part because of his cocaine addiction. Fast forward to last Friday, when Sun Trust Bank took ownership of Storch's Miami beachfront home due to his default dating back to last July. The Bank bought back the home for $5.5 million in Friday's auction. You couple that with Storch's arrest last year for grand theft auto for failing to return a Bentley he leased in 2006 and add his legal troubles stemming from falling behind on his child support payments and property taxes...the lesson learned Chicks and Dicks is...................................... STAY OFF DEM THANGS!!!'s not only hazardous to your health and wallet BUT when it all falls down you'll end up having to sign Brooke Hogan to your label...LOL!

Seven Year Itch?

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxane
According to, the remaining members of TLC, Tionne "T-Boz" and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas are "set to play a show" for the first time in 7 years on October 17, 2009 at the "Justin Timberlake and Friends" benefit concert at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
The remaining members of TLC disbanded shortly after the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Lopes was killed in motor vehicle accident in Honduras in 2002.
TLC was one of my favorite groups, so hopefully their performance makes it to TV or the next best thing...Youtube!
Sidebar: Didn't T-Boz and Chilli performed about a year ago at the BET Awards with AKeys?...You ain't gots to lie Craig...You ain't gots to lie!

Why WON'T' The Pigs Let Us Be Great?

Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxane I have to admit Kanye's rants make for some great catch phrases. He once said to his "J.O.S.E[RS] (Jealous Ones Still Envy)" aka haters...WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BE GREAT? *side eye* According to, the Swine Flu virus has struck more than 1 million people in the U.S. this year. Scientific adviswers to the White House caution that the virus may hospitalize an additional 1.8 million people in the U.S. this year, filing intensive care units to capacity and causing "severe disruptions" during fall resurgence when millions of students are returning back to school. President Obama was urged by his scientific advisory council to speed vaccine production. Initial doses should be accelerated to mid-September to provide shots for as many as 40 million people, the panel said in a report released yesterday. However, the full results from the two-dose trials will not be available until mid-October. So I must ask...WHY WON'T THE PIGS LET US BE GREAT...they've been jose'in on us since the beginning of the summer.


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxanne Glenn Beck returned to Fox News on Monday after being on "vacation" *cough* suspended, shortly after he made remarks on "Fox & Friends" on July 28, 2009, that President Obama had a "deep-seated hatred for white people." After which Beck added, "This guy is, I believe, a racist." Currently, 33 Fox advertisers including Walmart, CVS Caremark, Clorox, and Sprint have instructed the Network not to air their commercials during Beck's show. However, Beck's received his highest rating to date, 2.4 million viewers according to Nielsen Media Research, right before his "vacation". Question: Is Beck a Hick or Dick (term of endearment for our male readers)? If it walks and talks like a duck...

Monday, August 24, 2009


Posted by: Roxxanne Roxxane Anyway you slice it...this MUST STOP!!! According to Sandrarose, this picture of Frankie aka Keyshia Cole's momma was taken last week at a club in Atlanta. I really enjoyed the first season of "Keyisha Cole: The Way It Is" because it was unscripted and Keyisha really allowed the viewers to take a glimpse into her life. The second season delved deeper into Keyisha' relationship with her mother and her sister Neffe and the series should have ended then. The third season was a trainwreck chiefly due to Frankie acting like she was back "on dem thangs" in every episode. All that to say, at least twice a month I come across a picture of Frankie looking similar to the picture's not funny anymore! Keyisha do us a favor and come GET YOUR MOMMA!!!